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"L\'obscurité est belle."

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Hey, my name is Charislian. =) My Birthday is July 28, 1991, which makes me a Leo. I live in and been raised in Hawaii for most of my life. I've traveled to a couple places in the world. I love to shop, mess around with computer graphics and design clothes. I want to be either a prosecuting attorney or a computer programmer and a fashion designer on the side! My favorite colors are toxic and emerald green, black, white, grey, panic/hot pink, and purple, and I love the rainbow combination! Yes, I'm a Juggalette.. Don't worry, I'm not as scary as I may seem. =) I won't bite.. Promise. =)
Even though I'm a Juggalette I listen to about everything; from HIM, to My Chemical Romance, Coheed & Cambria, From First To Last, The Misfits, Hoolywood Undead, Avenged Sevenfold, Fall Out Boy, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, System of a Down, Korn... You name it!! Not just that, but I DO listen to some Rap and RnB, almost any type of music.
If you'd like to know more about me, chat or add me as a friend, please feel free to do so, but at least talk to me every once in awhile!
Also, I don't speak French. LOL. I'm learning. =]
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A lot of people think that my wishlist is long, but I don't think so! =) I'll add stuff and delete stuff every so often. I LOVE clothes. I like seeing other peoples creations because it inspires me to make clothes of my own. I'm NOW a developer and these are my inspirations! LOL! If you think there's something I would like that's not on my list, please feel free to let me know! BUT right now I'm really into products byTagYourePregnant, WRz0mbie, x0xDiamond, Lollirot and more! =)
[D™ Striped Tunic+Tights[D] Diamond Tunic*L* +DollPetite[D™ Mistress SkirtDeeViousDivaLeatherSins
Purple/Blck Lolita havoc[L] Black Lolita(DA) Seductress V2LG* Punkster(Ð) Brune Beauty~Pegasus
Not Quite Goth Shoes(Ð) Blk/Wht Spots+ShrugT(Ð) ToxicSkullzTopPanic Heartbreak Topspacer
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These are just some of my crazy buddies.. Feel free to add me if you want to be one of them!
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