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Banners takin' up too much room. So here's a list instead (in no particular order).
Banners takin' up too much room. So here's a list instead (in no particular order).
The following devs make me go

Finue | SecondHarvest | Pacman | Arachinidia | Geena | Ritsy | Octopussssssss | Cassiopeia | ElectricImp | Hellstrong | cookieDala | MissDeejai | Scarling | Spirit | Wolfie | wiiing | Dirili | Pokao | Rimose | Sincere | Joie | Deppomaniac | RockBunny | Photographer13 | KateTnc | Ayla1974 | Farrago | J4SM1N3 | Nienna1980 | Pollute | Reflex | Lumina | CakePirate | Spork | SixWeekOldHedgehog | xPushingDaisiesx | PinkAnt | VenusChic | Tendril | Bullet | Gaia | MungBeann | UberMundi | KittenKat | DreamWeaver1 | Sparkles | Keef | Lassarina | Lace | Bill76 | VampireBoise | oOmagpieOo | CrazySushiPerson | DakkuPurinsu | MolotovCupcake | Amortife | xXTrefleXx | Gingeebread | Rainbouz | CaYzCaYz | GrimWorm | SinMachine | DyeMyDarling | Liin | FreshFromTheDeli | LoliRuri | JenaiAngelique | MystyRainbow | MiladyK | MissVix | DarkIdeas | V4NY | KingRalf | ichi | Koze | CaptainLust | Mandie | TinyToxicTears | Whimsicle | Whimsee | gothfee | n3cr0philia | psisandra | DivineMaiden | ribbonhime | BindyPoo | marymara | WashedDownstream | morfelisia | BunnehDoll | vista0007 | AngelofbestGdangel | LeScandale | Anri | Cabbiegrl | AriaMorte | MarniDawg | SindrY | Jennifur68 | LadyWallace | MelancholyChild | TisiphoneDeathstryke | C8y | ThePreditKing | EssentialAvatar | Nadine | cuppycake | Rainb0w | Illustrate | Sisen | EgZoticBeauty | Dobutsu | Alexide | SkullyOsis | Dollfie | Amadeua | ExpoDuck | zzillizz | Vampiria | CaileanSilverain | Sexx | Beastnaboocat | oANKIo | Pixie | Rabbit | Abbreviate | MichaDoll | Lollirot | Yaoi | Jamo | VampireBoise | FreakyKiki | React | Homosexual | Kink | Jakx | Ngo | Wendigoth | Poof | UtauHoshina | Miha | Yokoed

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I'm a bit busy these days so apologies if I don't reply to you right away.
I get a lot of messages so sometimes things get buried.

If you are after my bling, please use the auto-granter up the top of the page. Those badges are the only ones available to everyone, other badges I have are for my friends only so please don't ask for them, you'll only be disappointed.

I do all my own modelling for my catalogue pics, I have no intention of ever using models. So thanks, but no thanks :)

If you are a begger, go away or I'll slap you with a fish.
If you are nice then stick around :P

If you have your messages set to 'buddies only' then I won't be able to reply to you. Duh. So don't get cranky at me if you ask me something and I don't reply.

I don't really chat in the client, and if I show as online it's usually because I'm developing. So please don't be offended if I don't accept a chat invite.

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My Products

Please note that I do not take requests.

Info about Hold Anything Products....

1. It is compatible with both male and female avatars, but remember it will be listed under Female Accessories in your inventory.

2. You can only use this product in Furniture Rooms. It will not work in locked rooms as you cannot use furniture products in them.

3. You may need to use the move, rotate and resize tools (in edit furniture mode) to get the position of the furniture item exactly right.

4. You can only attach furniture products that you own, when you are in a room that you own. Other people can attach items to you, but only if they own the room you are in and only furniture products in their own inventory.

5. You can attach multiple furniture items to the one node, and you can also wear all the "Anything" Accessory Attachment products at the same time.

6. To make finding the node and attaching your furniture item easier, I suggest using a triggered or furniture pose to keep your avatar still while you place the furniture.

7. If you attach a product that has seats, standing nodes, or poses on it, other people can sit on the product, but do not try to sit on it yourself! Doing so will cause the messenger to crash.

8. There is a bug with this product where sometimes the furniture item attached to you will disappear. This seems to happen sometimes if you invite a buddy to your room whilst wearing a furniture item. Adding another furniture item to your room will make it reappear. Unfortunately this is not something I can fix, it's down to the way the messenger works.

9. It is possible that other people in your chat may see this product differently to how you see it.

10. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the nodes, or they temporarily "disappear". If this happens, try the suggestions below. It may take a bit of fiddling to get the node to show up.
- reload the furniture item
- remove and re-equip the "Anything" Accessory Attachment product
- close and reload your room
- drag the furniture item round and round the room, then back to your avi

11. This product was created before version 415.0. I cannot guarantee that this product will work in all new updates.

12. Please make sure you follow this information. I will not issue any refunds for purchases of this product.

If you come across any other issues with this product, please leave a private message on my hompage. Thankyou.

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