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Hi Everyone! My name is Don, and I am working here with IMVU's art director Matt to create exciting new places for you to visit and derive from. Please feel free to drop me a line if you have places you would like to see in IMVU in the future.

You can check out the video of my adventurous alter ego.

I couldn't help but be excited about what all has been happening with the Outfits Challenge these last few months, so I made a video showcasing 50 or so of my favorites.

I have so many video clips from my various 3D creations for IMVU, I thought I would take some time during the July 4th break to put together a video showcasing some of my work over the past year.
My 3D Products are piling up so I have tossed screenshots and product ads for some of the more notable models on Flickr.... you can check them out here.

Some of the projects I have been working on these past few months

To view my "real world" portfolio, click here

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I am happy to hear from fellow IMVU members, but as Art Director here at IMVU I am unable to gift credits, grant VIP status, or help you with conflicts with other members. If you need help please visit the Help section of the IMVU website and contact our community managers. Thanks!

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I have been experimenting with just what is possible with the IMVU client, and some video grabbing and editing software:.

In true IMVU fashion, this latest video is a collaboration between myself, and music created by Diurne

This is my first attempt at creating an Ad for IMVU

A quick tour through the diverse people and places in IMVU

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